Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Concepts for a Movie titled 'Vagrapada' for Abode studios

'Homecoming' concepts

Some concepts for a film project titled 'Homecoming' for Abode studios
Environment designs and Location concepts.

Celestial warrior concepts

Character concepts and environment studies for a film project titled 'celestial Warrior' done for Abode studios.

Self portrait

A self portrait i did in my spare time. Trying out some photoshop brushes and such..a lot of fun this was

Virgin comics (timeslip) art

Some Projects i have worked on (2006-present)
These include Conceptual design for films, Character designs,
Environment designs, Comic book art, and story boards.

These Images are for a Graphic Novel project titled 'Timeslip', For Virgin Comics. Story By Mark Reynolds and Stuart Moore Original Story by: James Dean Conklin. Sadly this project was put on the freezer..Some cover page illustrations,Character concepts and inner pages from the Graphic novel.